Your Neighborhood Fix


​Countless hours are utilized for research roasting, and sampling coffee from around the world to ensure that you get only the best.

We roast our coffee daily in a small batch roaster in order to didicate our full attention to each pound of coffee that we produce at our facility in Los Angeles, California. To ensure that each batch is roasted to perfection we conduct this process manually.

quality control

​​This technique is used to determine the flavor profile of a coffee. By cupping we evaluate our coffee for defects and create our blends.  Some of the standard descriptives are:

AROMA Evaluating the aroama allows us to pick up on freshness and off-flavors. This also will help us in the roast level and taste descriptors.

BODY  This helps to describe how heavy the coffee feels in our mouths.

FLAVOR  This is the essence of the cup. How much does it taste like what coffee should taste like?

ACIDITY  Most coffee has some levels of acidity. It is
best describe as bright, lively, tingly sensation experienced with citrus fruit and vinegar.

AFTERTASTE  This refers to the intensity of the coffee flavor perceived in the mouth after the coffee has been expectorated.