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Tapachula Chiapas Mexico Certified Organic by OCIA

   Tapachula (tah-pah-CHOO-lah) the náhuatl word (Tlapacholi) means "flooded house."  This coffee is (SHG) Strictly High Grown in the southern state of Chiapas bordering Guatemala.  It is grown at approximately 4,900 feet in elevation.  This medium-bodied coffee has a clean taste with an acidity reminiscent of dry white wines, and a hint of nuttiness followed by slight overtones of chocolate flavor.

        Colombia Specialty   

From the home of Juan Valdez we bring you Colombia's finest.  A rich and flavorful medium- bodied coffee that delicately balances a pronounced yet mild aroma. This is the highest grade of Colombian coffee from the region of Valle del Cauca.  This region was a winner of the 2012 Colombia cup of excellence.


This Brazilian coffee from the Cerrado highlands is the perfect balance between body and acidity.  It has a creamy body, and nutty flavor that leaves you with a sweet aftertaste.

      Peru Certified Organic by IMO

This Peruvian coffee is best know for its mellow body, lightly floral acidity, and crisp, clean finish.  It is grown in the tropical jungle on the eastern and northwest slope of the Andes, between 3,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level.

         Guatemala Antigua 
The Antigua valley is one of Guatemala's oldest and best-known coffee-regions. Its volcanoes and shallow water table help create a dry microclimate with low humidity, lots of sun, and cool nights.  Thus, producing an elagantly well balanced coffee with a rich aroma, superb acidity, and a very sweet taste.


Sumatra Mandheling Certified Fair Trade Organic by FTO

This delicious full-bodied Indonesian coffee is considered one of the best in the world.  It is sweet and earthy with a pronounced herbal aroma.  Sumatra Mandheling is rich and complex, yet smooth with low acidity. 


French Roast Fair Trade Certified Organic by FTO    

Roasted Southern European style with top-quality high-grown arabicas.  It is bold with pronounced smokey overtones.  The result is a complex and intense cup of coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling Dark

 This coffee has the reputation of being the most full-bodied. This deep dark roast is full flavored.

Italian Roast  

This coffee is our darkest roast.  It has much of the characteristics of the Frech Roast, but much bolder.   Roasted in the Italian style, it is extremly rich and complex.


Espresso Italiano 

Southern Italian espresso roasted Sicilian Style. High temperatures and prolonged roasting periods bring out the natural oils in this medium dark roast. The end result is a rich and bold espresso with a caramel crema and heavy body 
that is sweet.  

Breakfast Blend

Start your day with the rich aroma of our delightfully smooth and full-bodied breakfast blend.  It is roasted dark for a bold character, but with a smooth and mellow flavor. 

Natural and Organic Swiss Water Half-Caffs & Decafs

Decaf Organic Chiapas, Mexico 

This Mexican decaf is a great choice for a full-bodied flavor

 Decaf  Natural Colombia Specialty 

Another specialty from the home of Juan Valdez. A perfect balance between richness and acidity. This cup is smooth from beginning to end.

Half-Caff  Natural Colombia Specialty

We take our Columbia Supremo and combine it with decaf Colombian Excelso cutting the caffeine in half. This half-caff blend results in a rich and flavorful medium bodied.
Decaf French Roast Certified Organic

Roasted in the Southern European style, strong, dark without the buzz.

Decaf  Natural/Organic Espresso Italiano

Smooth, rich, and sweet for any time.


Our flavors, roasts, and coffees are combined to provide a peak taste experience in the cup.  Also available in Decaf.

Café de Olla 


Café de olla is a very popular flavor. It is a traditional Mexican drink made with Don Raul's family ingredients. This sweet coffee is always present in many family gatherings.  Available pre-grind only.

Café Horchata 


Horchata, pronounced [or-CHAH-tah] is a traditional Mexican beverage made with rice. It is sweetened with sugar and flavored with almonds and cinnamon. This drink originated in Egypt where they used the chufa nut to make horchata, and made its way to Spain during the ancient times.  When the Spaniards brought the drink to Mexico, the natives replaced the chufa nut with rice.

Café Flan  


Flan, ponounced [FLAHN]  is a very popular dessert in Mexico and Spain.  Our Café Flan has a creamy caramel flavor with overtones of almond and vanilla.

Café Canela  


Cinnamon flavoring with real cinnamon sticks make up this special treat.

Café Dulce de Leche   

This is a delicious combination of caramel and a sweet cream milk flavor. Dulce de leche is a traditional Latin American dessert.  It is popularly known in Mexico as Cajeta, named after the small wooden boxes in which it was originally packed. This process was developed in a town named Celay in the state of Guanajuato.

Café Mexican Chocolate  

This coffee is for those who want the rich flavor of world class Mexican Chocolate, and the taste of Chiapas Arabica Coffee.  The first people known to discover the secret of the cocoa bean were the Classic Period Maya.  The cocoa bean was considered the definitive symbol of status in both the Mayan and Aztec cultures.  Cocoa beans were used as currency and only the wealthy used them to make a chocolate beverage which they believed gave them "wisdom and power".  This drink was considered of such high-status that it was served in golden goblets that were then disposed of after only one use.  It is said that the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, liked the beverage so much, he drank up to 50 goblets every day. 

French Vanilla

A truly elegant coffee with rich, smooth and creamy vanilla.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut  

A great combination of nut and chocolate.

      Hawaiian Hazelnut  

This is another one of our most popular coffees.  It has a wonderfull aroma followed by an absolutly outstanding classic nut flavor. 

   French Toast

Viva la French Toast ! A great reason to get out of bed. This irresistible coffee flavor captures the maple and buttery goodness of America's favorite breakfast with overtones of cinnamon.

      Mario's Italian Blend

From the villages of Sorrento and Capri on the Amfali Coast of Italy, a rich, smooth Italian flavor with a hint of sweetness.

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